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Attract More Buyers with Beautiful eBay Templates

Free easy-to-use and mobile responsive eBay templates

Simple to use eBay listing templates

The inkFrog template generator comes pre-setup with free listing templates that are 1-click to include. Increase your sales by making your listings look more attractive and professional. Spend less time configuring templates and more time growing your business. All of our templates are mobile friendly and eBay compliant.

Save & edit your templates quickly

Automatically apply templates to your listings and make changes to them easily. Add new templates and test which ones perform best for your category. Build specific branded templates for each one of your eBay accounts.

Upload custom HTML templates

Extend and build intricate HTML templates into your inkFrog listings. Customize and build your listings templates to your exact specifications.

Easy listing template editor

If custom HTML is not your thing you will love our simple editor which will build a custom, mobile friendly template for you. Upload logo, background images, change fonts, colors, add tabs and do pretty much anything.